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Briquetted Flux

Briquetted Flux

In Electric Arc Furnace, Steel Manufacturing Pelleted flux Use

Briquetted flux is a commercial , eco-friendly product, obtained from recovering the salt inside the aluminium slag in secondary aluminium recovery industry,by adding lime, binder and metalic aluminium.


The product is used in two ways:

  • EAF-Eletric Arc Furnaces
  • Crucible Furnace
    Material is packed in 1000 Kgs big-bags or according to customer request and can be delivered in 25 kgs bags in pallets.The addition rate to EAF can be easiliy adjusted (4-8 Kgs/Ton Steel)according to the size of the furnace.

    For maximum performance with reduce potantial stres and with increasing iron product rate, it can be charged at all temperatures with sufficient amount. It needs to be added to the furnace by charging the material at the bottom of the last scrap basket.

    The material is used for secondary matallurgy applications by adding from the top of the crucible furnace during crucible process.
    It can be also used as slag maker for desulphurisation and energy reduction.

    Expected Utilities

  • According to theoretical energy balance calculations,using synthetic slag maker as in value reducing reactions,it also provides energy that the material needs in a positive direction. In fact this is based on high calorific value of the aluminium.
    With addition of sufficient synthetic slag maker,amount of energy saving can be calculated with electric consumption of EAF.
  • Synthetic slag maker would not produce dust ,as it is in pellet form. It doesn't put up any loads on chimney filters and enables 100 % efficiency in usage.
  • Its MgO content has positive effect on prohibiter slags in furnace lining.
  • The reduction of FeO in iron slag means reduction of O level in metal and that causes to less ferro alloy consumption.
  • Reduction of FeO also increases swelling of dross.
  • Placing the material in to the last scrap basket prior to the rafination would decrease the active aluminium in 'Al' and 'AIN' form , 'FeO' level in slag(iron furnace slag) and increase the iron efficiency according to the following exothermic reaction:

  • 3FeO +2AI=3Fe + Al2O3
    3FeO+2AIN=3Fe + AI2O3 + N2