Mesek Metal

Raw Material

Raw Material

Aluminium is recyclable material and it can be recovered even it completes its lifetime.
The aluminium recycling industry recycles all aluminium scrap to obtain a finished aluminium product.
Different kind of aluminium scraps are collected ,radiation controlled,sorted and processed by Mesek Metal.

Aluminium raw materials used in secondary aluminum production is categorized as follows:

  • Old Scrap (Packing items like cans,window frames,building facades,motor blocks and other automotive components,Offset…)
  • New Scrap(Billet ends during Rolling and extruding,turnings,millings and borings from various machining process,off-cuts during stamping,defective goods during production process)
  • Dross (Skimmings during melting and casting)

  • Mesek Metal uses the raw materials as follows:

  • Aluminium Dross and Skimmings
  • Offset
  • Aluminium turnings
  • Aluminium profile
  • Billet ends during Rolling and extruding, off-cuts during stamping
  • Aluminium defective goods from production process
  • Aluminium Motor Blocks
  • Rims
  • Click here to download Scrap Codes ISRI.